Submissions Policy
Diesis: Footnotes on Literary Identities is published bi-annually (spring/fall) and accepts both scholarly articles and book reviews year-round. We welcome articles that explore identity by reading texts through a variety of critical lenses. Diesis is particularly interested in working with and publishing burgeoning scholars interested in the field of literary criticism. Established scholars should not submit articles for consideration.

Length & Format
Scholarly manuscripts should be of no less than 5,000 and no more than 10,000 words; book reviews should be no more than 5,000 words. Articles should conform to current MLA guidelines and be in a Microsoft Word document format (.doc). Document titles should contain the name of your article only. Lines should be double spaced, including quotations, in 12 point Times New Roman with 1 inch margins. Pages should be numbered consecutively and should include a short title in the header. All articles should be written in or translated into Standard American English.

Submitting Manuscripts
Please send an electronic version of your submission in Microsoft Word format (.doc) to with "submission" and the title of your manuscript as the subject line. In accordance with our editorial board's blind reading policy, please do not include any identifying information in your article. Instead, fill out the "Author Biography Form" (found below) and include it as a separate attachment to the same email. You must also confirm that your article has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Author Biography Form
Please fill out the following questionnaire and include it as a separate attachment to your submission email.

Diesis Author Biography Form


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Guest Editors & Guest Columnists
Those interested in guest editing a special issue should contact the editors at Issues regarding submissions should be addressed to